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Rolfing® is a transformational, whole-body treatment that aims to drastically improve body alignment, functioning and chronic pain. First pioneered in the 1950s by Dr. Ida Rolf – a biochemist who researched the benefits of working with the body’s fascia (our connective tissue that covers the entire body) – it regularly provides profound and life-changing results.

Through physical manipulation of the fascia to allow it to revert back into its correct position, this treatment typically results in a range of benefits, such as improvement to body alignment and body functioning, better posture, movement, proprioception (perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body), and a reduction in pain as the body is finally back in harmony with the compressive effects of gravity.

We can help you with

Chronic & Generalised Pain

Misalignment / Bad Posture

Chronic auto-immune illness


Tennis elbow

Headaches / Migraines

Jaw clenching

Carpal Tunnel

Lack of movement


Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Reduce stress & tension

Rolfing® differs from a deep tissue massage, although some elements of the treatment may feel similar. This therapy differs from massage, Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, as it focuses on restructuring and rehydrating the muscles, fascia and connective tissues. This then allows your bones to gently revert back to their prime position. Most importantly, Rolfing® addresses the longest physical relationship we will ever having in our body – the relationship with gravity.

Whilst some just come for one session to work on a specific area, many clients experience such profound results that they want to achieve optimum wellbeing.

The Rolfing® ‘Ten series’ are a set of ten structured sessions that have a different theme or area that is worked on – such as the breath, the core, the head and the spine. Many report life-changing results after the ‘Ten series’ has been completed; the body – sometimes for the first time in its life – is free of previous restrictions, allowing it into to revert back into harmony with itself.

So whether you feel you need just one session, or what to experience the ‘Ten series’. why not come and see how transformative Rolfing® can be for your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Meet Our Leading

Rolfing® Practitioner





Lizzie Reumont is a highly-sought after Rolfer® & Craniosacral Therapist based at The Wellbeing Space and in London.

Lizzie has spent her entire life in – and out – of wellness. As a three year old she was diagnosed with a chronic digestive disease which eventually led to a liver transplant in 2013; in 2018 she had a spinal surgery that was also a fallout of the same condition. 3 things have been her main tools to move through life’s challenges with grace, and have been a cornerstone of her journey back to wellness: Rolfing®, Craniosacral Therapy and Yoga. Her mission is to meet you where you are to help a transformative process highlighting the potential for wellness and ease in the skin you are in.
Lizzie is happy to discuss whether Rolfing® or Craniosacral Therapy is the best option for you. Send Lizzie an email or give her a call!


Rolfing® Therapy
Rolfing® (1hr) –  £85 




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