Reiki therapy, which originates from Japan, is a powerful, non-invasive treatment which can help and improve a wide-range of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual issues or concerns.

This energy healing therapy involves the practitioner’s light touch on certain key areas of your clothed body to help unblock energy; assisting the body and mind to work in optimum harmony again. 

We can help you with

Relaxation & Wellbeing


Accelerated healing

Stress, Anxiety & Worry

Mental clarity

Reducing aches & pain

Sense of security

Fatigue & Tiredness


Peace of mind

Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’) is an ancient Japanese therapy. Whilst it was originally used as a successful treatment for stress relief, people reported a much much wider level of benefits to this non-invasive, soothing therapy.

Today, Reiki is used for a myriad of emotional, physical and spiritual issues; using hands-on and hands-off techniques, energy throughout the body is restored, leaving you feeling serene, calm and rebalanced.


Meet Our Reiki Practitioner




Amanda began training in holistic therapies in 2006, and is qualified in several modes of bodywork, including reiki and holistic massages.
After working in a stressful corporate role, and experiencing the effects that stress had on her health and wellbeing, she recognised the huge potential that holistic therapies, such as reiki and massage had for helping people in dealing with stress as well as specific ailments. Her aim with each session is to help soothe mind, body and soul. Amanda will create a treatment tailored to you, so you can reap the best benefit out of the session with her.

Initial Reiki treatment with consultation: 1hr (£45)
Following Reiki session(s): 45m (£40)
3 Reiki sessions: 45m each (£100)

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