Mindset & Wellness Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in a rut, or a little…lost? Do you find that you’re running everyone else’s show (really well), but end up having little quality time for yourself?

Learn to reset – and recharge – so you’re equipped to have a healthy work-life balance, so you can handle anything that life throws at you.

Mindset & Wellness Coaching is a unique blend of powerful, non-invasive techniques to empower you to

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We can help you with

Low self-esteem

Stress & Anxiety

Body confidence

Feeling lost / stuck

Feelings of overwhelm

Fears & Phobias

Energy boost

Family issues

Better work/life balance


Mental clarity

Sleeping issues

What does Mind & Wellness Coaching involve?

Mind & Wellness Coaching fuses a variety of innovative and highly-effective modalities to shift past, present and future unwanted and unhelpful thoughts, so you great results that last.

Depending on your current concerns or desired outcomes, coaching could include a hybrid of: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting, HypnotherapyBreathing & Meditation techniques, Accountability, Positivity techniques, Nutritional advice & Fitness support, so you can feel (and be) invincible!

Working closely with you over a period of weeks – sometimes shorter, depending on you what you will be working on – you will have dedicated support so you can stop feeling stuck, lost or overwhelmed.

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Meet Our Mindset & Wellness expert

Tania Harman is Farnham’s leading Mindset, Wellness & Health Coach, based at The Wellbeing Space.

I typically work with women in their 40’s-60’s who are feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, lost and lacking in confidence. I help them to shift unwanted thought and behavioural patterns that are holding them back, whilst giving them bespoke mindset tools to use throughout the day, so that they can feel renewed, empowered and full of confidence.

My work is very personal, after going through my own journey in both mind & body, I completely understand how life can throw us curveballs leaving us feeling stuck and lost. This happens to most of us at some point in our life – it’s the beauty of life. One thing I do know if you’re reading this it’s a step in the right direction. You’re here because you know you need to make a change, you want to make a change, you ARE ready for positive shifts in your life, Mind & Body. Throughout my coaching you will get continuous support, I will be a facilitator, I help, guide and support throughout the whole process, so you can make transformational shifts in your life.


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