Massage is one of the world’s oldest therapies. It’s been scientifically proven to reduce stress, significantly boost white blood cells (a vital element of your immune system) and aid in muscle relaxation. By using different stroke techniques and pressure strengths over areas of your body which are tight or sore, massage therapy can assist in improving a wide variety of health ailments.

We have an enviable range of massage disciplines. Take a look at how we can help your body (and mind) today. Massage is the ultimate self-care treatment!

We can help you with

Muscular & tendon pain

Total relaxation

Repetitive movement injuries

Immunity boosting

Improving Wellbeing

Muscular tension

Stress & anxiety reduction

Posture & movement

Increasing vitality

Back & neck issues


Women's Health

We specialise in a superb range of massage styles. From Sports, Remedial (deep & soft tissue) and Holistic, through to more luxurious forms of massage, including Warm Bamboo and Hot Stones, there will be a style – and time – that’s just right for you!

Massage Therapy is a superb treatment to improve overall wellbeing. Massage can assist with relaxation, stress management, muscular discomfort, injuries (both old and new), alongside lifestyle related issues (i.e. bad posture from an office job/driving/exercise).

Whilst benefits are guaranteed from very first session, it is recommended that you reap the ongoing wellbeing benefits, by having a course of massages every 2-4 weeks.

Meet Our Massage Therapists

Amanda began training in holistic therapies in 2006, and is qualified in several modes of bodywork, including a variety of massage disciplines, Japanese Facelift and Reiki (energy-healing).
After working in a stressful corporate role, and experiencing the effects that stress had on her health and wellbeing, she recognised the huge potential that massage had for helping people in dealing with stress as well as specific ailments. Her aim is to soothe mind and body. Amanda will create a treatment tailored to you. Taking a holistic approach to each client, she can help release muscle tension, target muscle pain and help you to reduce stress and anxiety.


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Massages and Facials
Holistic massage –  1hr (£50) | 1hr 15m ( £60) | 1hr 30m (£70)
Hot Stones massage – 1hr (£55) | 1hr 15m (£65 ) | 1hr 30m (£75)
Warm Bamboo massage – 1hr (£55) | 1hr 15m (£65) | 1hr 30m (£75)
Sticks and Stones massage – 1hr (£55) | 1hr 15m (£65) | 1hr 30m (£75)
Japanese Facelift massage – 1hr 15m (£60) | 1hr 30m (£75)
Japanese Facelift with Warm Bamboo or Hot Stones massage – 1hr 15m (£65) | 1hr 30m (£75)
Course of 6* Holistic massage or Japanese Facelift massage (*6 for the price of 5!) 1hr 15m (£300 ) | 1hr 30m (£350)
Course of 6* Hot Stones or Warm Bamboo massage (*6 for the price of 5!) 1hr 15m (£320) | 1hr 30m (£375)

Initial Reiki Treatment with consultation: 1hr (£45)
Following Reiki session(s): 45m (£40)
x3 45min Reiki sessions (excludes Initial treatment): only £100 (save £20)




Will Harlow BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons), MCSP, SM Dip., is Clinic Director of HT-Physio based at The Wellbeing Space.
He started his career as an NHS physiotherapist where he specialised in back and neck pain, before moving into a full-time role as a Lead Physiotherapist at Portsmouth Football Club, helping athletes to get back onto the field of play after an injury. Using different massage techniques, such as Sports and Remedial Massage (soft and deep tissue), alongside myofascial release and trigger-point therapy, Will draws his extensive anatomical and physiological knowledge to each client he treats, helping to restore harmony to their bodies. Will is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport and Exercise Medicine, and the Healthcare Professions Council. 


New clients: Will recommends getting in touch with him, or booking a free 30min Discovery Session with him to make sure that a remedial / sports massage or physiotherapy session is the most effective treatment for your issues, in order for you to get the best results, in the shortest space of time.

Sports and Remedial Massage
Remedial (deep tissue) massage – 45m (£40)
Remedial (soft tissue) massage – 45m (£40)
Sports massage – 45m (£40)

Physiotherapy – 30m Discovery Session – (FREE)
Physiotherapy – 30m session – tbc
Physiotherapy – 1hr session – tbc
Physiotherapy treatment bundles – Will can advise you on the most cost-effective plans for ongoing / maintenance sessions.







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