Reiki 2

There is no need to suffer from most headaches or painful neck and shoulder tension with so many expert therapists at The Wellbeing Space. You may know how massage, osteopathy or acupuncture may help but what about the energy therapies, specifically Reiki?

Georgina is a Reiki Teacher and experienced Practitioner as well as one of our receptionists here at The Wellbeing Space. She has been known to spend a quick 10 minutes giving staff Reiki to help ease headaches and neck tension in the reception area. Here she sheds some light on what happens during a Reiki session.

“Reiki is a particular frequency of life force energy that the body likes and uses to mend itself. I don’t direct where it goes, the system of the client draws exactly what it needs to the precise place it is required. I generally feel heat in my hands in an area that is taking lots of energy but I also have other sensations which I now associate with the client releasing unwanted emotions.

“Worries and negative emotions use up a tremendous amount of energy and cause tension which can lead to pain. Ten minutes of Reiki is often enough to ease the pain of a headache, lift tension and release trapped emotions leaving the person free of pain with a sense of lightness and clarity. I usually feel a sensation of movement or buzzing when I put my hands on a head full of anxieties. As the emotions leave I have a pleasant tingling that starts from my head and goes down my shoulders and arms. If the person takes a lot of energy they draw it through me first so I am left exhilarated and energised too.”

The headaches and tension can return if the state of worrying is resumed but at least there is an alternative to popping a pill. Either catch Georgina after a class or before a reception shift and ask her for a quick demo.

If you would like to learn how to administer Reiki to yourself ask Georgina about her Reiki courses. For more information or to book a session click here.


Words by Georgina Watts.