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With a broad range of Yoga, Pilates & Fitness classes across the week – led by the best teachers in Surrey – you can be sure to find a class at TWS.


Private 1:1 &



That precious moment in your week when you forge some previous time…just for yourself.

Sometimes we need a little bit more one-on-one attention. Our Private 1:1 & Semi-Private (2-4 people) Yoga, Pilates, Fitness & Mindfulness sessions are an excellent way to make sure that your individual needs and goals are being met by our experts – at your pace – in a supportive, encouraging and discreet space. Whilst it can be inspiring and energising to practice alongside other people, classes don’t necessarily work for all people at all times in their lives! Tailored Private/Semi-Private sessions are the ultimate thing to add to your self-care toolkit.

yoga (all styles)

Want to perfect your practice. Reach the next stage in your yoga goal, or are you completely new to the discipline and don’t know where to start? Let our 1:1 sessions help you with this fantastic practice.


Pilates sessions (for all)

• Pain-Relief Pilates 

• Pilates for Sport


Personal Training is lets us help with your health & wellbeing goals – whatever they may be. We don’t believe in having to use masses of equipment in order to reap the benefits you want. Our experts will boost your confidence, and keep you accountable – with no treadmill or cross-trainer in sight!


Gain better awareness. Learn to quiet the chatter going on in your head. Discover how to breathe properly. Meditation 1:1s will help boost your awareness, reduce your stress levels, bring greater calm to your life and increase mindfulness.

I've never done Yoga before!
First of all, welcome. We’re sure you’ll become a Yoga advocate shortly. Yoga is an ancient discipline built on three main structures: postures, breathing and meditation. The postures of Yoga are designed to put pressure on the glandular systems of the body, thereby increasing their efficiency and improving overall health. Breathing techniques are based on the concept that breath is the source of life in the body.

These two systems of postures and breath prepare the body and mind for meditation where you can then experience a “quiet” mind and healing from everyday stress.

If you’re new to Yoga, or have only done a couple of classes before, we’d highly recommend you either attend a Yoga for Beginners 6-week Course, or have x2-3 Private 1:1 Yoga sessions

I've never done pilates before!
Pilates is a low impact mind and body workout. It focuses on lengthening and strengthening the muscles. Pilates helps your body to move more efficiently and with ease.

Joints and muscles need to be properly aligned to enable joints to move freely becoming less prone to injury. Every Pilates exercise is very precise, aiming to improve things like core and back strength, posture and balance, to flexibility, enhanced sports performance and better co-ordination (to name but a few). 

Pilates can be practiced by men and women of all ages and all abilities. 

is there water at the wellbeing space?
Of course. We have filtered water for clients at TWS. 
i'm not flexible
You don’t have to be, but you will soon gain better flexibility and mobility with regular classes at TWS. We adapt all of our movements to cater for various abilities. If you need to take it easy, may we suggest you try the following classes or sessions.

• Gentle Yoga or Gentle Pilates

• Gentle Chair Yoga

• Biomechanical Mat Pilates

• Private 1:1 Yoga/Pilates/Pain Posture Solution Pilates 

I'm a lady / gentleman of a certain age (60+)
Can we be the first to say that you don’t look a day over 40! Coming to Yoga or Pilates on a regular basis helps reduce symptoms such as Osteoporosis, keeps you fit, flexible and gives your body the full range of motion it needs to stay healthy! It’s also a great place to meet like minded people. There’s quite a gaggle of regulars who all meet for coffee after their class.

Can we suggest:

• Gentle Yoga & Gentle Chair Yoga

• Gentle Pilates

• Private 1:1 Yoga or Biomechanical / Pain Relief Pilates sessions

what do i wear to a class or session?
For all classes, we recommend loose, comfortable gym clothing (a t-shirt & gym leggings or shorts are ideal). For Pilates classes, some clients wear Pilates socks (socks with grip material underneath), however this isn’t a pre-requisite. Just make sure your clothes can bend & stretch with your body.
Do i NEED TO bring my own mat?
We provide all mats and Yoga/Pilates/Fitness equipment, such as Yoga blocks, blankets, resistant bands etc.

If you’d prefer to bring your own mat with you, be our guest.

i have a current injury. help!
First and foremost, if your Doctor has given you the thumbs up to exercise, then that’s great. Please talk with the teacher just before class starts. They are also experts, and will be able to either tailor moves just for you, or suggest holding off various movements until your injury is nearly healed. 
i'm a guy, classes aren't for me, right?
Wrong! Sorry gentlemen. We have lots of guys who come to our Yoga, Pilates & Fitness classes (including our male therapists who like to join in for the odd class or two). Men tend to either going ‘hell for leather’ at fitness, potter around on the golf course or do very little exercise at all. 
can young adults (under 18) attend classes?
Absolutely! Teens are more than welcome. We ask that parents/guardians arrive with them when they first attend a class, as you need to sign their New Client form.
I'm embarRassed By the way I look
Please don’t be! We are all sizes and shapes at TWS. Whilst some studios are very much ‘this is the place to be seen’ – we have a more holistic and traditional approach to wellbeing. Leave your hangups at the door. Be at ease with who you are – even if you’re not at the stage you want to be right now. We can support you. 
I’ve been to several yoga classes at the Wellbeing Space and it is a great studio, and the best place I have done yoga in the UK so far. The staff are friendly and welcoming and the classes have very high quality teaching. There are mats provided if you don’t have your own and it’s right next to Waitrose... do your shopping and practice yoga in the same trip! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to take up yoga as part of their fitness routine or anyone just wanting to give yoga a try!
15:49 04 Nov 18
I have recently started at this studio and I absolutely love it. The classes I have been to so far were brilliant (yoga and Pilates with lee!) I love the energy of this place and everyone is so friendly. I have suffered with a bad back for years and I can honestly say since coming here I feel I can move easier, have less stiffness and am more flexible! I feel more fit and toned than I have done in years and can’t wait to treat myself to one of the many therapies they have! This is definitely one of Farnham’s hidden gems!
Rachael Welsby
19:20 09 Nov 18
It’s a great space can defiantly tell a big difference Now have started Pilates
Grace Brown
20:31 03 Nov 18
Such a lovely space, perfect location with parking available in Waitrose. Good classes, flexible schedule, professional team, and some good therapy choices too. I wish I lived in Farnham, I would be there every week. Thanks TWS.
Oliver Codrington
09:29 27 May 18
I love the Wellbeing Space for two reasons... Firstly the quality of the teaching and secondly the flexibility of the pass system. I can't commit to a specific time every week and here I am able to pick my classes based on my availability each week.
Jo Haines
15:50 17 Nov 18
I love this place! Rather late in life I have taken to Yoga to restore some mobility, tone and flexibility to a body that is somewhat short of being a temple! Started with gentle / Yin Yoga and have now graduated to more energetic Hatha style Yoga. The teachers have been fantastic and are very encouraging and enthusiastic and very happy to suggest adaptations for people like me who can't always accomplish the full text book postures.... yet. The building and facilities ooze history unlike the sterile gyms I could mention and the staff are always helpful and welcoming. It's not unusual to be greeted at reception by Charlie, the MD who is always happy to take comments and suggestions on board. How many places can you say that about? I live close enough to walk there but there is extensive parking just opposite. The online booking system is very good and you can check out a variety of Yoga, therapies and treatments and various payment options and check you schedule on PC or smartphone. 5 stars from me.
David Smith
13:32 16 Nov 18
I joined this studio recently. I enjoy my classes and find the staff friendly and helpful. Great classes at competitive prizes!
Michael Davies
20:03 16 Nov 18
Great studios and lovely and helpful reception. Raquel is the best yoga teacher in the world and is such an inspiration.
Isobel Murphy
07:54 07 Dec 18


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