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Our brow and lash treatments use the most up-to-date and safe techniques to achieve stunning results. Whether you want to have fuller, thicker or darker looking brows using the popular Microblading treatment (also known as 4D brows), or a Lash Lift & Tint for beautifully defined eyes, our expert therapists help you look your very best.

We can help you with

Fuller brows

Lash tint

Thicker brows

Lash lift

What is Microblading?

Microblading (also known as 4D Brows) is the latest beauty must-have for those with thin, sparce, light or mishapen brows. After successfully numbing the area woth a topical lotion, your therapist will use a micro blade to put hair-width strands of pigment into the epidermis. The procedure isn’t painful – it just feels like a light scratch across the surface of your skin.

Results typically last between 12-24 months, and a Microblading treatment includes a 4-8 week top-up, so that you can be sure your brows will be in top shape to last!

What is Lash Lift & Tint?

Using an eyelash perming lotion, the therapist will lift your eyelashes and tint them. You can customise your results, depending on how curled you want them and how dark you’d like your lashes also. The results last for 6-8 weeks.

Meet Our

Beauty Aesthetic Therapists

Hannah Lacey is Owner and Lead Technician at HighBrow Blading based at The Wellbeing Space.

Hannah is a fully qualified beautician & make-up artist with over four years professional experience, which includes working for Toni & Guy, The Clothes Show and various catwalk shows. After stepping away from beauty to raise a family, Hannah wanted to return to Beauty but in a specialised capacity working only on the eyebrows. After further training, Hannah set up her company HighBrow Blading, which purely focuses on expert eyebrows.

PATCH TEST REQUIRED PRIOR TO TREATMENT: Microblading requires a patch test (24+ hours prior to treatment). The test can take place at The Wellbeing Space, posted to your, or picked up at TWS. This is free of charge.


Patch Test – FREE
Full Microblading – includes 4-8 week touch-up –
Colour Boost –
Annual Refill –
Bulbs –
Tail –
Gap filling –

Natasha Farrer is Owner and Lead Technician at Farrer Beauty based at The Wellbeing Space

Natasha has always been passionate about art, especially drawing eyes and eyebrows. This is what initially led her to the art of microblading. Natasha trained with the prestigious K.B PRO – the UK’s No. 1 Training Academy for permanent makeup and microblading courses. She then did additional training with the Academy to gain her Lash lifts & Tints qualification.

PATCH TEST REQUIRED PRIOR TO TREATMENT: Microblading requires a patch test (24+ hours prior to treatment). This includes Lash Lift & Tint. A scratch test can be done 1hr+ prior for those wanting Microblading on the same day. Both are free of charge.


Full Microblading – includes Consultation –

Lash Tint
Lash Lift & Tint –

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