No/Low Sugar snack ideas

Our resident Nutritional Therapist, Melissa, gives us her ideas for quick, nutritious, low/no sugar, easy to make snacks: So, you want something to eat. You don’t want a meal, but do need a sustaining snack. You’re trying to avoid/reduce sugar – what can you have?...

Headaches? Can Reiki help?

Worries and negative emotions use up a tremendous amount of energy and cause tension which can lead to pain. Ten minutes of Reiki is often enough to ease the pain of a headache, lift tension and release trapped emotions

Posture & Pelvic Floor Yoga with Linda Stephens

When I tell people that ‘sucking and tucking’ (tummy in, bum squeezed under) is probably contributing to, if not causing their Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (and back, neck, shoulder pain, core weakness, possibly hypertension and anxiety issues) they are often shocked and...

What is a Healthy Diet?

When people find out I’m a Nutritional Therapist they often tell me that they eat a healthy diet.  But what does that mean?  I have my own understanding of healthy diet and it may not match with someone else’s definition.  To some it may mean they eat as the...
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