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Equipment / Reformer Pilates 

Pilates performed with equipment such as a reformer, trapeze table, chair or ladder barrel allows wider possibilities for clients as a result of the resistance offered by the machines.  The resistance enhances the feedback and gives greater structure to the Pilates technique. Pilates equipment was specifically designed to enhance rehabilitation, by taking you through ranges of motion you couldn’t do using gravity alone. Equipment Pilates is particularly recommended for anyone seeking relief from chronic pain, rehabilitation after surgery or recovery from an injury.  It is also very effectively used as part of a multi-session programme, combining mat and equipment work to accelerate progress towards a goal – be that rehabilitation or not.  It is suitable for both beginners as well as those more experienced in Pilates.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates can benefit you in many ways

  • Increased energy
  • Mental and physical harmony
  • Strong, sleek muscles
  • Greater flexibility
  • Muscle tension release
  • Improved core strength

If you are new to us or new to pilates have a look at our New to us? section

elisabeth-bradbury Elisabeth trained as a professional ballet dancer in France, and performed for a number of years with the Nice Opera Ballet Company and the London City Ballet. She has taught ballet to children and also participated in the development of social activities within the ex-pat communities while living abroad, primarily through choreographing and performing for amateur shows. During her time working in these fields, Elisabeth developed a strong interest in the fitness industry. She returned to France in 1993 and trained as a fitness instructor, whilst obtaining a French National Diploma in gymnastics and associated sports (BEEGDA).  This lead to an active involvement in sports tuition, youth gymnastics and low-impact fitness aerobics. After the birth of her third child, whilst living in Brazil, Elisabeth discovered a passion for the philosophy of Pilates. Combining her extensive knowledge within the ballet, fitness and gymnastics industries, Elisabeth continued her studies with the U.K. Pilates Institute in Paris for a further two years. In 2004 she gained her qualification as a Certified EREPS Fitness & Pilates instructor. This enabled her to teach basic and advanced mat Pilates, along with the use of equipment. It also certified her to cater for special needs requirements, such as seniors, pre natal and post natal rehabilitation. Experiencing an overwhelming success over in France, Elisabeth introduced her classes into a number of well-being centres across Paris. Elisabeth acquired the U.K Level 3 Pilates qualification, allowing her to teach in the United Kingdom and is continuing her studies of rehabilitation via advanced anatomy and physiology courses.

We can tailor Equipment Pilates sessions to match your needs and will devise the best Pilates work out solution for you

Introduction to Pilates

During your first session we will discuss your health history and life style, to understand your goals, and develop a program with you.

Private one to one sessions

A private session uses the full range of Pilates equipment (reformer, trapeze, chair) and designed for those with specific needs/goals in mind or for those who have no previous Pilates experience. Recommended for anyone seeking relief from chronic pain, rehabilitation after surgery or recovery from an injury.

Semi Private sessions

Small group sessions are limited to a maximum of 3 people.  Each person will have individually tailored exercises using resistance equipment designed to strengthen, stretch and tone specific muscle groups. These are also suitable for all levels of Pilates experience.

Circuit sessions

Circuit sessions are limited to 5 people.  This is a challenging (but fun!) workout with exercises on all of the Pilates apparatus. These include: Reformer, tower, chair, ladder barrel, as well as arcs, rollers and other small props. You must be familiar with the Pilates Equipment or have attended at least 2 sessions (Assessment, Private or Semi-private) to take part in this class.


Hopefully any question you have will be answered here, but if you have any further questions or concerns, simply get in touch with us & we’ll be happy to help!

Can I do Equipment Pilates if I am ill or injured?

Pilates can be a very helpful tool in recovering from an illness or injury. If you have been injured or ill recently it is advisable that you ask your GP or health professional before you start any form of exercise. After initial screening and a discussion about health history and goals, a programme is tailor made for each individual based on those goals. 

Equipment Pilates and pregnancy
Am I too old (or too young?)
What to wear?

We like to think of this as normal but just in case you want a reminder….

Please be punctual – it is really helpful if everyone is on time for their session.  If you are late and we have a client following on after you, their session will start on time.

Please turn off your electronics when you come into your session.  Not least as this is your moment and most things can wait for an hour…

If you are prone to a bit of perspiration please ask for a towel at reception or bring your own.


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