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The Wellbeing Space

Surrey’s go-to health & wellness experts

Welcome to

The Wellbeing Space

Surrey’s go-to health & wellness experts

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Take a look at our stunning range of classes & courses. Whether you're brand new to the discipline or consider yourself a dedicated yogi; whether you're after something relaxing and gentle, or a more fitness-based session, we have the class for you!



Increase your strength, tone-up fast, and work on your core with our great range of mat pilates classes. We're also proud to have Pilates Reformer 1-1 sessions, using specific equipment to get you stronger!



It's a fallacy that you have to slave away on the treadmill to get results! Our 30-60 minute classes will up your heart-rate, strengthen & condition your body and help you stretch. If you want to get fitter, fast, then check out our fitness classes.

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Hip Function Workshop

When: Saturday 18th August 

12-2pm - (Yoga Workshop)

Improve your Yoga, Pilates or fitness practice!
Did you know that your hips hold physical 'memories' from incorrect sitting, under and over stretching, alongside your body's inability to find the correct range of movement?
Learn how to find the correct balance in your hips; focusing on getting a healthy range of motion, rotation, a balanced pelvis and legs, and proper foot/lower limb movements.
This will improve your practice and help counteract any little pains and niggles through incorrect posture.

Yoga Teacher: Raquel Alves | Price: £35

Yoga for Beginners Course

Starts: Wednesday 5th September 

7.30-8.45pm - (6 week course)

Discover this ancient discipline with a Master Yoga Teacher! Yoga is for EVERYONE with EVERY ABILITY: men and women, young and old; the sceptics out there, and the believers!
This 6-week course is an exciting new beginning for newbies to yoga. Whichever style or class you want to try afterwards, we believe that the only way to start this amazing discipline is with the highest standard of teaching, in the very best environment!
Most importantly, you'll build your yoga confidence from the very first week! The practice builds week-by-week, providing a solid foundation. After 6-weeks you will be ready - and confident - to try a myriad of yoga styles out there, and graduate onto any of our classes. Discover the yoga bug this Autumn!

Yoga Teacher: Raquel Alves | Price: £70

Prenatal Yoga Course

Starts: Friday 5th October

7-8.30pm - (6 week course)

Embrace this transformational time in your life and learn how to deepen your connection with your baby, your body and mind.

Pre-natal Yoga enables you to find your personal connection with your growing baby as well as nourish your confidence as a mother. Through movement, breath and meditation you will learn how to maintain and develop a healthy body and mind for both pregnancy and birth.Join us for an extraordinary 6-week course, and become part of a tribe of BUDDING BUMPS.

Yoga Teacher: Emma Ahern | Price: £70

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Preventative treatments designed for your 







Take a look at our bespoke range of preventative treatments & therapies.

Led by some of Surrey's principal practitioners and therapists,

we're committed to helping you improve your health, happiness and overall wellbeing.


Come and find out why our clients rate us 5-STAR

We're honoured to have been named a 2018 MINDBODY Visionary company!

This award recognises businesses in the health and wellness industry who are supporting their communities.